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       Mr.Surin Napapruekchark sponsors 600,000 baht Mr.Yunyong Pathomsak of Thian Fah Foundation hospital, 200,000 baht and Mr.Phao Kukiatinant 200,000 baht for the benefit of the sick. Mr.Chanvit Hiran-as Chairman and Mr.Chavalit Kanchanachayphoom, Mr.Sith Sithivaraporn and other leaders to receive thanks for their immeasurable merits.















        Mr.Surin Napapruekchark, Vice President of Thian Fah Foundation hospital, Senior executive director of Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Treasurer of The Tio Chew Association of Thailand, President of  Friendship co.,ltd and Hanami Foods co.,ltd, was open-minded, charitable, compassionate and the happiest. On Saturday, October 27, 2018 he was with his wife and families came to Thian Fah Foundation hospital to donate 600,000 baht of charity, which was received and thanked by President Mr.Chanvit Hiran-as.When the Japanese Academy arrived to celebrate the anniversary of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, it was warmly welcomed and photographed by President Mr.Chanvit Hiran-as , Lifetime Prestige President Mr.Yunyoung Pathomsak, Mr.Chavalit Kanchanachaipoom, Vice President Mr.Sith Sithivaraporn, Account Examiner Mr. Perachai Suchitlert, Public Relations Excutive Committee Mr.Chaikit Charoenyingsathaporn, Committee Mr.Krianglit Sukcharoensin and office staff.

     Mr.Yunyoung Pathomsak,  Lifetime Prestige President of Thian Fah Association Hospital, Vice President of Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of The Tio Chew Association of Thailand, President of Thai Siri Tours co.,ltd, The Grand China Princess Hotel Thai Housing Development co.,ltd and Hoover co.,ltd,. He is treats people with integrity, is open and honest, is enthusiastic about public welfare, and is good at charity.with he wife and his family on Saturday, October 27, travel to The Thian Fah Foundation hospital has a charity of 200,000 baht. President Mr.Chanvit Hiran-as, Lifetime Prestige President Mr.Chavalit Kanchanachaipoom and Vice President  Mr.Sith Sithivaraporn, Mr.Chaw Leaph Fu, Mr. Chaikit Charoenyingsathaporn, Mr.Smai Kuakpetoon and Mr.Krianglit Sukcharoensin receive the application and take a photo together.

      Mr.Phao Kukiatinant Vice President of Thian Fah Foundation hospital, Honorary President of Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Honorary Advisor of The Tio Chew Association of Thailand, Vice President Tenghai Association of Thailand,Vice President The Thai-Chinese Exim Association,  Vice President of The United Chinese Clans Association of Thailand, President of  Utis Enterprise co.,ltd rich in learning, charitable and generous in mind. On October 27, 2018,donated money 200,000 baht to charity. By President Mr.Chanvit Hiran-as  received his thanks.
  All directors express their lofty thanks to the three good people who are devoted to charity. We wish Guanyin Bodhisattva to bless the family with peace, happiness and auspiciousness.





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