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  Mr.Chaveng Chinthammitra, Mr.Narong Suthikulphanich, Mr.Lin Youtai donated 100,000 Baht to Thian Fah Foudation Hospital.













        On June 15,2018 Mr.Chaveng Chinthammitra Advisor of The Thian Fah Foundation of Hospital, General Manager of Thai Plastic Industry Factory Ltd.,part, Pastic Artificial Fower manufacturer Traxel to thian fah foudation hospital to donate 100,000 baht. It was welcomeed by Mr.Chavalit Kanchanachipoom, Mr.Chanvit Hiran-As, Mr.Amnat Amormaneekul, And together photograbhed the image of Goddess Kuan Yin.
     On June 12,2018, Mr.Narong Suthikulphanich Advisor of The Thian Fah Foundation of Hospital  is loyal, loves charity, and contributes a lot to the society. He has been in the life of the family and has not forgotten the public welfare undertaking. he donated money to The Thian Fah foudation Hospital of 100,000 Baht  It was received by the deputy director-general Mrs.Jintana Karunanont
     Mr. Lin Youtai, an overseas Chinese businessman, is open-minded and loves public welfare. On June 16, 2018, he visited the Thian Fah Fooudation Hospital and donated 100,000 Baht. by Mr.Perachai Suchitlert Account Examiner Receive a thank you and take a group photo.
     In this regard, all the colleagues of the Thian Fah Foudation Hospital have highly praised the spirit of the above-mentioned good deeds, and sincerely thank you, and wish you a happy family and good health. Jade is good, and Fulu stretches.




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