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Mr. Wu Yuan Song is the representative of Pak Klong Talat Friendship Association, donating 200,000 baht to Thian Fah Foundation Hospital by President Mr.Chanvit Hiran-as to receive a thank you
Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives donated white rice to Thian Fah Hospital With the general manager of the bank giving to The Presidenr of Mr. Chanvit Hiran-as, Mr. Yanyong Pathomsak, to welcome
Mr.Samrerng Manoonpol came to Thian Fah Foundation Hospital to donate one million baht.
Mr. Chalerm Sunantakarnkij and Ms. Waranya Vinyarat donated money to Thian Fah Foundation Hospital
Mr. Somchai Aekviriyakit and Mrs.Chen Bizhen had donated 100,000 baht per person at Thian Fah Foudation Hospital, with the President and Vice President to welcome.
HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn opened the Chinese New Year celebration in 2019 and stamped a tram to Tian Fah Hospital. Worshiping sacred things
Thian Fah Foudation Hospital held a merit-making ceremony and a new year party. Mr. Chanvit Hirun-as, President Thank you for cooperation and support.
Mr. Lin Yu Yi President of Buan Hong Seng Co., ltd with his wife, donated to Thian Fah Foundation Hospital 200,000 baht MR. Suchart Sethiwan Vice President and his wife also sponsors 200,000 baht
Mr. Pichaya Phisitkul donated 100,000 baht to the Thian Fah Foundation Hospital.
Mr. Pracha Sirijongkolthong, Overseas Chinese Mrs.Shu and Mr. Kawee Hasdinpaisan Donate 100,000 baht per person to Thian Fah Foundation Hospital
Mr. Sa-nguan Satitsemakul donated 100,000 baht to Thian Fah Foundation Hospital, By Mr. Chanvit Hiran-As is the recipient of the donation
Assistant Director of Chulalongkorn Hospital Support money for Thian Fah Hospital, amount 100,000 baht, was received by President Mr. Chanvit Hiran-As and Vice President Mr. Amnat Amornmaneekul
Mr. Chen Ping Yi, president of the Friends of Friendship Association, sponsored 100,000 baht for Thian Fah Foundation Hospital. Mr. Chanwit Hiran-as Is the recipient of the donation and thanked.
Mr.Surin Napapruekchark sponsors 600,000 baht Mr.Yunyong Pathomsak of Thian Fah Foundation hospital, 200,000 baht and Mr.Phao Kukiatinant 200,000 baht
Mr.Aphisit Ariyachotima, vice chairman of Jinruyi Cultural Center and his wife went to Thian Fah Foundation hospital to pray for the health of Guanyin Bodhisattva.
Mr.Chote Komolrochanaporn sponsored 300,000 baht to Thian Fah Foundation Hospital. The application was received by Mr.Chanvit Hiran-as, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board, Mr. Chaw Leaph-Fu, Mr. Amnat Amornmaneekul.
Mr.Witcha Phanacharn commemorates the sponsorship 5,000,000 baht to Thian Fah Foundation Hospital.Mr.Chanvit Hiran-as,Chairman and Vice Chairman, Mr.Sith Sithivaraporn, Mr.Chaw Leaph Fu, and others receive the application for the great deeds of thanks.
Overseas Chinese leader Mr.Chaovarit Tantivongsakit with daughter and son.donate to Thian Fah Foundation hospital Thirty million baht.Taken over by Chairman Mr Chanvit Hiran-as.
Thian Fah Foundation Hospital held the Hungry Ghost Festival, invited the monks to do ritual prayers for the prosperity. Mr. chanvit Hiran-as is the chairman of ceremony.
Hong Sun Association, Sponsored The Thian Fah Foudation Hospital each has 200,000 baht, a total of 1 million baht.
Mr.Chalerm Sunantakarnkij, Overseas Chinese Leader donated 300,000 Baht to Thian Fah Foundation Hospital.
Mr.Somchai Ekviriyakit Donate to Thian Fah Hospital on the birthday.
Mr.Phiboon Kowitwanich with his family Travel to Thian fah foudation hospital
Thian Fah Foundation Hospital held a ceremony to celebrate the anniversary achievement ambitious Bodhisattva Kuan Yin. To remember and pay homage to the Bodhisattva Guan Yin.
Samphanthawong organize celebrations in honor of Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun The reign of the 10. attended the ceremony.
Mr.Chaveng Chinthammitra, Mr.Narong Suthikulphanich, Mr.Lin Youtai donated 100,000 Baht to Thian Fah Foudation Hospital.
Mr.Prachak Tangkaravakoon and Mr.Samrerng Manoonpol donate money to Thian Fah Foundation Hospital 1 million Baht
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Address: 606 The King's Birthday Celebration Arch (China Town Gate),Yaowaraj Road, Samphanthawong District, Bangkok 10100.
Thianfah's Modern Medical Department Telephone Number : 66(0)2-2330955-6
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