It has been more than 108 years since Thian Fah Foundation Hospital was built. There is a sign with big font that reads 'Thian Fah Hospital' and it was written 'put the pain and agony of the people in one's heart' as four Chinese words on the back. This clearly explains the mission of the hospital; the doctors will cure regardless of races or religions.
    For 108 years which seems a long period of time, the hospital will not stop moving forward. While the society moves on, the medical techniques keep on progressing, thus, Thian Fah Foundation hospital will improve and excel. For the Chinese medicine department, the equipments were from Shanghai, for example, the medicine pots and vacuum packaging machines. There is also drug grinder machine,
which offers an advanced medical technique for the patients. The vacuum packaging machine helps to preserve the quality of the Chinese medicines and the methods of cooking and packaging the medicines, the hospital hires professionals Chinese doctors to be in charge.
    Other than changing the methods of cooking Chinese medicines, the hospital also change the elevators, increase the wards for patients, hire more doctors for diagnosis, etc. Even though the hospital provides better and more service, the medical fees is still not needed. When the Chinese medicine department went through the new changes, the modern medicine department was also renovated. Thian Fah Foundation Hospital is different from other hospitals. We charge reasonable medical fees when compared to other. Sometimes according to the condition of the patients, it is free of charge.
    On every Sundays, Thian Fah Foundation Hospital provides free medical check-ups at Lumpini park. Most of the people came to measure their sugar level in blood. At first the number of people present was about 200 people, but now the approximate number is 430-480. There is also about 1000-1200 people who turned up for measuring blood pressure. Even it was raining; they would be holding umbrellas and queue up. This becomes another activity in Lumpini Park. A hundred year of Thian Fah hospital is a reliable society for the Chinese immigrants. It was set up to help the Chinese, until now, the goal and mission remains the same.ธ hian Fah Foundation Hospital can be known as 'the hospital for the Chinese' or 'the hospital for the society'. Neverthelesss, the hospital still needs your support along the way.

Boonkiat Benjalert


Wilawan Kisnavarin


Yenchai Suvanarat


Huang Yanzhi


Wang Jianmin


Pornnipar Tapaneeyasin


Pawinee Sujitranuch


Phongsawat Phongtanateeraphon


Kanitta Sarawut


Visarut Jitsiri


Polsiri Lertveerasirikul


Apassanan Chongsiriprasoet


Zheng Shaohui


Chen Chuyun


Panbubpa Choovichian
MD Director of Division of Nephrology


Ouppatham Supasynd
MD Advisory in the Division of Nephrology


Bancah Satirapoj
MD Advisory in the Division of Nephrology


Vanna Prakongkaew
Manager in the Division of Nephrology


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