Thian Fah Foundation Hospital
Respect for Everybody:
    According to the New's coming year 2011, I wish you all are wealthy and healthy.
    One year pass by, although the politics was unstable, the economic was depression and the flood disaster was serious, but we also have supported by the overseas Chinese. Our missions during the year passed by are as following:
    1. On April 2010, there was 50th anniversary of Guan Yin Shrine, and There were held a 100 vegetarian banquet for free.
    2. In Chinese medical, we use new method, medical equipments and bring the professional Chinese Pharmacist to manage the Chinese Drugs generating room.
    3. seeking more acupuncture doctors and now Thianfah Foundation Hospital is famous in acupuncture.
    4. There are Department of Eye, Department of Cardiology, Department of diabetes and other Chinese medical.
    5. Every Sunday Thianfah Foundation Hospital has a free medical service at Lumpini Park. There were many people testing Blood Sugar Level and Blood Pressure. There were very popular. Even in the rainy day, the people still held umbrellas and waited for testing. There is one of activities in Lumpini Park that should not be missed.
    6. In many provinces of Thailand got a serious disaster. On October 31th, Thian Fah Foundation Hospital went to help the people in that area.

    100 years of Thianfah Foundation Hospital was supported by the group of overseas Chinese. If they didnít help us, Thianfah Foundation Hospital would not stand until today. Your support leads us to move forward, letís moving forward together.
President of Thianfah Foundation Hospital
January, 2011  
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